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Kevin Paige Flood Relief

A note From Kevin's Friends

Like so many others across Houston and Texas, Kevin, of Kevin Paige Art, has been hit hard in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We are truly grateful he is not among the worst of the flooding victims, but a significant amount of time, effort and resources are being put into place to get Kevin back on his feet as quickly as possible.

This page was established to keep friends and loved ones connected as we cheer Kevin in his rebuilding. Thoughts and prayers are extremely welcomed, and any support you can lend to our friend will be beyond appreciated. Thank you!


Update from Kevin
september 1, 2017

Uploaded by Kevin Paige on 2017-09-01.
Uploaded by Kevin Paige on 2017-09-01.

A Quick Update from Kevin
August 31, 2017

First, let me express my deepest and most sincere thanks to you for your well wishes and generous offers to help me through this difficult time.  It means more to me than I'll ever be able to express. Gratefully, we are all out of Houston safe and sound.  Krista is in Tulsa and I am currently in Dallas with my sister, coordinating emergency support requirements from FEMA, Red Cross, et al. 

Sadly, the house is just north east of the now, overflowing, Addicks Reservoir.  It appears the storm/rain is over and the city can finally start to drain, slowly.

The bottom line for the house is I simply don't know how bad the damage is.  As of today, there was still about 8-12 inches of water at the garage door level.  This means there is most likely about ankle deep water inside of the house.  No way to tell until the streets drain which could be several more days.

How You Can Help

Once things are more clear, my dad, local friends and I will start the long recovery/restoration process in the house.  Please know that we certainly welcome your prayers and support.  In the near term, the best and most efficient way for you to assist is to either:
1.    Donate via Pay Pal  
2.   Send electronic gift cards via email to

Lastly, in a few days, Megan, Amy, Darryl and other friends will come down with hammers, saws, paint brushes, etc to help us with the restoration and cleanup.  More details to follow as we move forward.  I will be posting photos of the recovery efforts here as the days/weeks/months go on. Please feel free to check in to see the progress at the link below.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery Photos

Again, a simple thanks to you.

Kevin Paige
13615 Danbury Run Drive
Houston, TX 77041
214 673 8805

If you would like to connect with Kevin or send him a message, contact info is above, or you can use the form below.

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A note from Kevin's pals

We've established a private Facebook Group for quick updates and to organize manpower. If you're interested in helping out or cheering along, please let us know and I'll add you to the group. Thank you!!

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